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The Worldwide Leader in One-to-One MBA Events is Coming Your Way

Monday February 4 th , 16:30 to 22:00

Exclusively At this event:

  • Dozens of top tier international business schools in one place
  • Single Admission Meetings with Directors Who Will answer your questions
  • Interactive MBA conferences
  • Advising sessions With Access MBA consultants to discuss your MBA project
  • GMAT preparation and workshops
  • Many scholarship Opportunities (totaling over one million euros)

Why Get an MBA?

  • 93% of recent MBA graduates landed Their dream job (GMAC 2013 Survey)
  • The same recent graduates Reported median salary on a global scale of $ 128.569 USD (GMAC 2013 Survey)
  • 100% salary increase on average (Financial Times 2013)

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