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Hackathons have become a great and very popular tool to introduce students into the field of New Technologies in a dynamic way, encouraging healthy competition and practical learning. Successfully organising a hackathon requires certain ingredientes (mainly developers, the right challenges and premises); as well as the right promotion and logistics. Successful hackathons can help improve the university’s image as innovative and disruptive; to bring it closer to the private sector and strenghthen collaboration with it and help students to easily understand the new environment and network with other people that might even become their business partners one day. 

In this session some experts in hackathons organization and some leading law universities will share with us their experience in organizing legal hackathons. 

The following speakers will be joining us: María Jesús González-Espejo (Managing partner, Instituto de Innovación Legal), Dyane O’Leary (Associate Professor of Legal Writing; Director, Legal Innovation & Technology Concentration at Suffolk University) and David Fisher (Founder and CEO at Integra Ledger and expert in Blockchain for the Global Legal Industry). They will be answering the following questions:

  • Why do law schools should organize hackathons ? What do hackathons teach participants and organisors? â€‹
  • Can you tell about your experience organising a hackathon? What are the key ingredients for a successful hackathon?​
  • Do you plan on organising a hackathon in the future?

The event will take place online, on the 10th of March at 17:00 Madrid. 


Instituto de Innovación Legal

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